We are a small Maine Coon Cattery located in Pabianice near Łódź. Our Cattery is registered in Cat Club Feniks society, which belongs to Felis Polonia (FPL) organisation. FPL is under the patronage of FIFe - the largest International Feline Federation in the world

Our adventure with cats started quite recently. In April 2012 we've aquired lovely blue British short-hair kitten as a companion for our female dog Shih - Tzu. I didn't have much experience with cats, because in my family home we've always had dogs, while my husband always had cats. After our marriege a conflict of interest occured☺ Ofcourse my husband first bought me my dream dog, so after some time I've decided that I could please him by getting him a cat. The choice was British short-hair, because I was enchanted by their lovely mouth. But as is often the case...you stard with one...Our Draco has captured my heart☺

I've figured that it would be nice to give Draco a companion to his scratcher pranks. This time I've started to look for some other race, and this way I've encountered large and majestic Maine Coon's. I've been delighted with them, and I've decided that I need to have one. We've visited couple of catteries, unfortunately in few of them both kittens and adult cats had run away from both strangers and owners! This way we've encountered Bellamoondo cattery, and as soon as we've seen our redhead Heartbreaker, who's deliciously been playing on a scratcher I knew that we won't leave empty-handed☺

Olga turned out to be incredible person, who was happy to help. She recomended us how to feed our cats. She gave us web address of great cat bulletin board, which turned out to be a mine of information about Maine Coon race. We are very gratefull for our redhead Heartbreaker☺ When it comes to opening a cattery we've had the intention for some time, but it was hard to find our first (perfect for us) cat for breeding, and finally after tracing many catteries websites and bulletin boards We have found our dream tortie ☺ We went to see her in Fluffy Coons cattery when she was four weeks old ☺ She looked so cute☺     

We've had great contact with Mrs. Anna for 2 months while we were waiting for our little kitten. During that time she has been sending us pictures of our little cuttie and describing her character      We are pleased that our pets get along with each other, and above all with us ☺ We treat them as full members of the family. All of them sleep with us in bed, specially for them we've built high cat tree on the balcony and of course, we've secured the balcony with the net.     

As often as we can we take our cats to exhibitions, where we have the opportunity to learn more about both breeders and visitors interested in the cat world ☺

For us, culturing is an opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful creature that cat is, at the same time continuous learning, observation, responsibility for the fate of future pupils and to promote knowledge, advice for the new guardians of kittens not only after buying a kitten. The possibility of contact with new families is very important for both sides, breader knows how cat grows and developes so the guardian can always count on us.

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